[laughs] Mannn, you’re just slackin’ on your game. You gotta change it up for Kathy. She’s stubborn~. [raises his brows, cheeks turning red] What! [laughs it off and looks to the side] Duuuude, naah! Ahahaha— [quickly leans in close and whispers harshly] Don’t you dare tell her I sit in the same spot just to see her, alright? [stands back upright and acts like nothing happened.] Usually the middle table gets seen first, but that’s if you’re buying food. Bar is the best way to go for drinks, man.

Pffft my game is prime~ *he holds up the A-Ok sign before chuckling. Kathy really was one of the more stubborn girls, he had to admit* Heh, you got it man. My lips are sealed~ *he drapes his arm loosely around his shoulder with a grin on his face* Well let’s take our seats! *sitting on the bar stool, he winks at the blonde as she gets his usual*

[rolls his eyes] Yeah, Yeah, sure it is. I bet you couldn’t get laid if you tried, man! [laughs and takes his seat with Kasey, giving a wave to Kathy. She knew what he always got, anyways.] So, man, got any plans now that you’re back? 


[She’s barely contained her giggles after picturing Boss in a t-shirt - but she starts in on a new round of them the moment she actually attempts to imagine Luke in a t-shirt with his own baby picture on it.]

Ah! Ahh! P-porkchop—! [She presses her hands to her cheeks, shaking her head.] Really? Porkchop! Luke— that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard! I can’t even imagine that! P-promise you’ll come bring me one of your baby pictures when you bring the ones f-from the helicopter? [Stammering slightly in her enthusiasm, though she can’t shake the enormous smile from her face.]

I have to, have to, have to see this..!

[has to turn around so he can try to breathe] Ooooohhhhh my goooodddesssss! [inhales loudly, then exhales, then stands up straight, still chuckling]

Aw c’mon! My dad was mean calling me Porkchop! That’s a blow to the self-esteem, ya know! [laughs] I was a baby, though. I grew into my chubbiness. [snickers]

Don’t worry, I’ll bring you some of the best pictures! We’ve got loads in an old photo album. We even have some pictures of Bo from when he first showed up! He looked like such a dweeb, with his skinny arms! He’s bulked up a little bit since then, though. [chuckles]


Seriously? Point a banana at her? Like that was threatening in any shape or form. Luna sat back up after controlling her giggles, swinging her legs as she sat. “I’m pretty sure that’s potassium, genius.”

The judgement in her eyebrow-raised glance was a little transparent as she turned her face away from him,nose pointed up in the air and chin raised. “No thanks. I personally think they’re a little gross. I should be fine with this bottle of water.” And with that, she untwisted the cap and took another long sip.

Good. Fine. More banana for Luke. He ‘humph’d’ and scrunched up his nose as he gave her a ‘look’. “Whatever, just don’t ask me to carry you when you cramp up and can’t go on.” He took another bite of his banana, his bitterness not letting him savor the fruit as he usually did. He muttered something about bananas at least being better than her attitude, then took another bite.

Soon enough, the two were done with their respite, and Luke stood up, putting his backpack on. “Well, time to get moving again. We still have a ways to go, and still have to come back down! Let’s go!” He took the lead, ready to continue the trek up the mountain.



[She tilts her head in appraisal of the cardigan, nodding.] She does like things like that, doesn’t she..? Hmm— it’s probably fine to have doubles.. or to have something in lots of different colors. That way if she’d like to match it to a skirt, she’ll have lots of different options.. [Nods thoughtfully.]

Hm? [Looks over the t-shirt— then blanches to learn who the intended wearer is.] —!

[She bursts out into a fit of giggles, covering her mouth with her hands.] I— I’m not sure—! I’ve never tried to put a shirt on a dog before— so I don’t know what the— the size conversion is—! Heehee— but it would be really, really cute—! It’d be like— like you wearing a shirt with your own baby picture on it..!

[busts up laughing at her reaction, practically doubled over and holding his stomach] Aahahaha! Oh my goddess—! [continues to laugh for a while before finally catching his breath and resting his hands on his knees]

Oooohhh, man! Can you imagine a shirt with my baby picture on it?! [laughs] I was such a pudgy baby! Like, I was unbelievably squishy! My dad used to call me porkchop! [ends up laughing again, not quite as hard, but still enough to make it hard to breathe]


Pfft Kat would never let me get away with that! I wish she would but my charm doesn’t work on her. *he glances at his pal before nodding* Yeah, it’s glad to be back! I was starting to miss my own place and all you guys waaaay too much. *they come up to the bar and walk right in* I’ll let you choose where to sit tonight. *nudges him lightly, his voice coming down into a whisper* You must know the best table to see Sel’s show after all~

[laughs] Mannn, you’re just slackin’ on your game. You gotta change it up for Kathy. She’s stubborn~. [raises his brows, cheeks turning red] What! [laughs it off and looks to the side] Duuuude, naah! Ahahaha— [quickly leans in close and whispers harshly] Don’t you dare tell her I sit in the same spot just to see her, alright? [stands back upright and acts like nothing happened.] Usually the middle table gets seen first, but that’s if you’re buying food. Bar is the best way to go for drinks, man.



[makes a face] Man, you got some weird tastes, dude. [laughs] Whatever floats your boat, though! 

[nods and laughs again, slapping Kasey on the back] You’re right, man! Dude, the bar is definitely open. Kathy’s back and the booze is in stock. We have to go. It’s like… a moral obligation or something. [grins]

Hell yeah it is! *he grins, chuckling lightly* Seeing Kat there is a plus~ Hey! Maybe you’ll get to see Sel, too. Her dancing is outta this world, man… *runs his hands messily through his brown hair before patting Luke on the shoulder* I’m getting too excited. Let’s get goin’ then! *begins walking towards town with a big smile on his face*

[laughs and elbows him, cheeks turning a little pink] Whatever, man! You know you just like charming your way into free drinks! [laughs] Hell yeah, dude! Let’s go! [walks with him, shoving his hands into his pockets] Ahhh, man. It’s good to have you back, though. I’ve been hangin’ with Molly the whole time, so I’ve been lackin’ in bro-time.

Anonymous said: Ever had any one night stands?

Er— Once, yeah. The city sure is a crazy place, man…

Anonymous said: Any girls/guys you think are EXTREMEly cute at the moment?

[blushes and looks to the side, laughing] 

I don’t know what you’re talking about, dude! Ahahahaha—


Luna let out a sigh of relief when they reached the resting point, making a bee line to the rock that would be her seat. “Hm♪!” It was great to be off her feet, even for a little bit. But it also made her realize how tired her legs were. 

The next thing she knew there was a water bottle being thrown in her direction, and she almost didn’t react fast enough to catch it. Luna thanked her lucky stars that she did though, that would have been embarrassing. Taking a thankful sip of water, she glanced over at Luke, wondering just what on earth he was so excited about.

Luna suppressed a loud giggle, but his reaction to the banana was too much. Giggles left from her lips and she let her self fall back against the rock, holding her stomach. “You’re so weird!”

Luke frowned as Luna began to laugh at him. He hardly finished chewing before he pointed the banana at her shaking form and rested one hand on his knee.

"You know, bananas are a great source of some vitamin or something that I can never remember the name of, but it stops cramping when exercising, so I recommend you eat one too, shortcake." He huffed and took another bite of his banana. Maybe he wouldn’t even share with her. Maybe he’d just eat the other one to spite her. She could cramp, then complain, and then he’d win the bet.


[Blinks.] That’s right— I remember that.. [Tilts her head, staring at Luke for a few moments as though trying to determine whether he is secretly superhuman. She’s met wizards— this could be totally possible. Maybe even Luke was a wizard.] … … … Well— I guess I’ll take your word for it..!

Mhm— sooner or later. Hopefully sooner..

[She giggles - returning this with a thumbs up and a wink of her own—] No problem..! [—except in that she botches it completely and ends up blinking one eye at a time awkwardly instead. Oh well. Close enough.]

[She watches as he rummages through things, occasionally re-folding things she’s sure he’s already looked at and doesn’t want, humming happily to herself as she does so.]

[happens to already have his back turned, so he didn’t see Candace’s failed attempt at winking, sparing her the embarrassment] Hmmm… [pulls out a white cardigan] …. [holds it up and shows Candace] You think Molly’d like this? It’s super long. She wears a lot of these… Though, I probably shouldn’t get her something she’s already got. [grumbles about how shopping for girls is hard]

[sets it to the side and continues looking] ….. ? [finds a tshirt and pulls it out] ………… Candace. [turns around and shows her the shirt, which has a white puppy in the middle of it] Will this shirt fit Boss?


Luna let out a bit of a dramatic sigh as she scooted over, raising a confused eyebrow when she saw him taking a few steps away. 

"What are you—" Her eyes widened in alarm the moment he took off towards the ledge, and she scrambled to her feet. Letting out a squeak, she moved a bit away from the edge. 


"Uh-huh…" She replied blankly. Surprise remained on her features, eyebrows slightly raised and lips parted as she flat out stared at him. 

His laugh shook her out of her thoughts though, and she blinked rapidly, hurrying along. “Did you just say a break? Yes♪!”

Luke continued to lead the way, stepping over rocks and branches and directing Luna to do the same. Soon enough, the reached the midway point, which was marked by a larger, flatter area in the mountain, two larger rocks acting as seats for them. “Finally!”

Luke hurried over to one of the rocks and sat down, throwing his backpack off and onto the ground. He dug around inside of it, took out the water bottles, then tossed one to Luna, not even checking to see if she caught it or not. He was in desperate need of a banana. Once he found one, he yanked it out with a grin and immediately peeled it open. “Yesssssss~” He took a bite and sighed contentedly, exhaling through his nose. 


[Looks the jacket over, stooping now and then to examine the seams on the bottom half of the jacket - before nodding, straightening up with a smile.] Nothing that I can see.. but be sure to bring it straight back if it needs any more work done, okay..? I’m glad you came straight here.. well.

[Huffs.] Actually, I’d still rather you had stopped at the clinic first— [Small smile.] But as a seamstress, I have to say that your jacket did well for itself to be fixed before you put any more strain on it.. [She giggles quietly.] Mm— thank you. I won’t tell a soul, I promise..!

Oh— right, the stuff in the back—? [She beckoned for him to follow her toward the divider, pulling down a few baskets full of clothing, full of shorts, t-shirts, and various spring dresses and blouses from a set of cubbies stacked to the ceiling in their living room.] You’re welcome to look through these— let me know if you see anything you like and I’ll look up the prices for you, okay..?

[grins] Awesome! [laughs] Ahhh Candace, you worry too much! You should know that I’m practically indestructible by now! I mean, I’ve battled a bear twice now, and I’m still alive! [mumbles] Was out of commission for a while… [perks up] But I’m fine now! 

[nods and follows her to the back, raising his eyebrows at the amount of clothing being stored] Damn, all this is going up soon? Better find something before they can spot something. [gives her a thumbs up and a wink] Thanks, Candace! You’re the best! [begins looking through one of the boxes, doing his best not to make a mess of things]


[Smiles, completely oblivious to how unlikely it is that Phoebe will be able to manufacture an entire helicopter even when she does come back around.] Thanks, Luke.. I’ll look forward to seeing them.

[Smiles, shaking her head dismissively at the compliment.] Sure.. let’s take a look at the inventory in the back. [She finishes cleaning off the jacket, looking it over - before climbing to her feet. She approaches him, holding out the jacket for him to take.] Put this on really quick first, okay? I wanna make sure the seams aren’t too visible with it on..

[grins] I’ll make sure they aren’t super blurry, too! Molly’ll have to help me… [rubs the back of his neck] I might be too psyched to hold still…

!! [nods and puts on the jacket] Sure thing. [adjusts it so it fits comfortably] Well, how does it look? Still need some fixing? [looks at where the tears used to be and is rather impressed at the fixes] You’re sure good at what you do. I can barely tell there were any tears! Hopefully my dad doesn’t see…



[scoffs] Whatever, dude. Can’t he see how nice your farm is when there’s stuff to actually be grown? I’m sure your field will look waaaay better once spring comes rolling in.

[frowns] Damn… Maybe we could stand on top of the tallest wall and just take some cool pictures. I don’t think we could find any parachutes, anyways. [huffs] Damn it…

I hope so. -Wrinkles nose and grimaces.- I really hate growing crops, ugh… I’m gonna do it anyway, though.

Hmm… -Thinks for a moment before brightening up visibly.- —Oh! Maybe I could ask HG if she could make some parachutes for us? But either way, I definitely want us to take pictures somewhere. The only good pics I have of us are all double-selfies on my phone.

[laughs] I’m pretty sure she’s got more important things to do than make us some parachutes! [shrugs] Worth a shot, though!

[nods, leaning back and folding his hands behind his head] Yeah, dude. We need something frame-worthy, ya know? Make sure to print two copies when we get a good picture together, so I have one too, okay?