mollygoodgolly said: Ah, Luke Dude. [Nods, not realizing that dude actually isn't apart of his name] Actually, I was curious to ask if you did erm- renovations? Upgrades? For houses?

[nods enthusiastically] Yeah! Those are what I’m best at! [grins] I’m pretty shitty with furniture making. Bo’s better at that kinda thing. I’m all about building and fixing houses and stuff like that.


She nodded vigorously before smiling at the sight of the bracelet on his wrist. Then she thought for a minute or two. “Hmmm… whenever I got bor-duh, Mama would play a game with me. Do you like games? We could play… Oh! We could play hide-and-seek! Or… or tag! … that one works better with more people, though… hmmm.” Her brow wrinkled as she thought, trying to come up with something fun.

Luke rubbed his chin in thought at the tiny goddess’ suggestions. “Well… I don’t wanna run a whole lot, since it’s a nice-ish day, and I don’t wanna wear myself out.” He grinned at the girl. “So, let’s just play hide and seek! Do you wanna hide first, or should I? And you can’t cheat with any magic powers you have, okay?”

mollygoodgolly said: [Rubs her chin] Mm, more of a mercenary but they are more or less the same, no? [Chuckles] I'm Molly. It's nice to make your acquaintance Mr. Axe-man.

[chuckles] It’s nice to meet you, too, Molly! And you can just call me Luke, dude. My dad, Bo, and I are up at the carpenters in the Mining District, so if you ever need any repairs or furniture, just head over there. [grins]

Anonymous said: Weirdest boner you've ever gotten?

One time I was in the goddess church, and this random chick was in there, looking hella fine, and I was like, 16 at the time, so of course my hormones were CRAZY, and I popped one IN CHURCH. [laughs] It was so funny, dude.

Anonymous said: Virgin or naw?

Ahaha, nah, dude. Sometimes the city life gets the best of you. [snickers]


"Oh!" Her eyes brightened. "Yeah, I suppose that makes sense… I get bor-duh, too, sometimes." She grinned as he handed her a purple herb, quickly getting to twist it into a new shape. It took her a scant few minutes to get it all pieced together, and then she held it out to him. "Look! We can match! What do mortals do when they get bor-duh?"

Luke chuckled and nodded. “I guess even goddesses get bored too, huh?” He watched with interest as she busied herself with making a new bracelet, then blinked with surprise when she held it out to him. “For me?” He grinned and put it on gently. “Thanks!” He fiddled with it, noticing how nicely woven it was. “Ehhhh, I dunno… Some people eat, some people exercise… I dunno what to do. I already ate, and I don’t feel like running right now.”


mollygoodgolly said: [Spots him in the mining district before approaching him] Erm- ciao! You're the axe-man, no?

[turns around at the sudden voice and nods, grinning] Yup, that’s me! Axe-man extraordinaire, Luke. You’re the farmer, right? My Pops was saying something about there being another farmer around.


She thought for a few moments, puzzling through his words. “Bor-duh? Oh… does that mean you don’t know what’s going on? That happens to a lot of people.” She nodded matter-of-factly, crossing her arms as well as her legs in the middle of the air. “I am Goddesskin, and this is my Spring! My Sprites cleaned it up all nice and shiny, just for me!” She giggled, twisting the newly crafted bracelet around her wrist.

Luke shook his head again. “No, no. Bored, like… Like I have nothing to do. But I don’t have any idea what’s going on, too.” He noticed her fiddling with the grass bracelet. His eyes darted around on the grass, then he spotted some purple herb, so he picked it up and held it out to her. “Here, you said you wanted color, right?”


The young goddess-to-be held tight to the grass, already weaving it into a kind of bracelet with a quiet smile. “Oh, uh, DA-Da-da-dUM! I am the wonderful Goddesskin, and I’d like to thank you for your offering, blue person!” She smiled happily, finishing the simple bracelet and shimmying her hand through it. “Although I wish it had a little more color… Can I help you with anything?”

Luke could only gape at the tiny goddess. After a few moments, he finally gathered his senses and shook his head, bits of his blue hair waving about. “Uh— Not really, no… I was just kinda bored, I guess.” He rubbed the back of his neck and was still trying to make sense of the situation.

Luke had always wanted to visit Bluebell. He’d heard a lot about the scenery, and now that he was on a traveling kick, he figured it was the perfect time to go and see it. As Luke descended the mountain, he saw something headed towards him in a blur, and a girly voice yell “Look out!” He quickly ducked just before being hit, then spun around and looked with wide eyes. “What the hell?!” Luke saw the girl land a bit roughly and he hurried over to her, climbing and jumping over a few rocks and trees. “Are you okay?!”

Luke loved to travel, and to be able to go to the islands he had heard about from so many people. Plus, the carpenter there was practically legendary, what with all the stories Luke heard from his dad. So he was glad to be able to meet up with the guy.

Luke hopped off of the dock with a grin and practically took off running. He was mostly just hungry as all hell, but he was also just glad to get off of the boat. In his rush, he suddenly ran into someone, sending the both of them tumbling. “Woah!” Luke quickly sat up and looked at the poor guy he knocked down. “Dude, you alright?!”

Luke had been sitting in the fields, just outside the fences of flute fields. He had gotten back from his short trip to the city, mostly just to deliver some supplies to some of his dad’s trading partners. He picked at some grass and sighed, looking around. There was a tiny pond, and Luke tossed a handful of grass into it.

Suddenly, he was blinded by a flash of light. Luke raised his arm to shield his eyes and, when the flash finally subsided, he was looking at what seemed to be a… very tiny harvest goddess-looking kid. “What the….?”

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Anonymous said: Who do you envy the most?

[rubs his chin, thinking] Hmmmm…. I guess it’d have to be Owen. I can only dream about having muscles as sick as that guy’s.